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Winery - Lagarde

Lagarde in our assortment...
Wines Lagarde are devided to four following variations:

Lagarde Altas Cumbres

The sign of condor was chosen for this variation. This fairy tale bird circling above Andes symbolizes the spirit and pride which he feels on his way. It is a token of pride and spirit of excelent wines brought by him as well. Wines of this line are more fresh and fruity.

Lagarde Reserva

There are the wines which will never get tired and they always seek for elegance. Some of them are mixed with the second variety with the aim to give them even broader personality. The eticette is decorated by well-known design.

Lagarde Guarda

It is a sort consisting of wines with the best selection of grape from own vineyards. These wines achieve a beautiful structure and they are suitable for drinking today but archiving as well.

Lagarde Henry

This sort of wine is a true wine of the euthor which is not born every day, it is produced in small ammounts, not more than 6.000 bottles. They are extraordinery wines for extraordinery occasions.

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