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Vino Valery

Vino Valery

Vino Valery embodies service, quality and elegance.

Our passion lies in the development and implementation of innovative ideas. It is our aim to offer all those interested in wine tailor-made solutions to their complete satisfaction. Our range of services extends from simple online sales of selected Argentinian quality wines to providing large events with exquisite wines in sufficient quantities.

In addition to the sale of directly imported quality wines, we also offer wine tastings for a fee. In this context, we also offer Austrian and Slovak wine producers the opportunity to have their wines professionally presented by Vino Valery in their own country or elsewhere. Our carefully designed tastings not only enchant the hearts of wine lovers and those who would like to become one, but also give every occasion and every event a special flair.

Vino Valery offers much more than just first-class wines at excellent conditions - we ensure an unforgettable experience at every event.

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