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Winery - Casa Montes

Casa Montes in our assortment...
Casa Montes presents following four lines:

Casa Montes Ampakama

This line includes the highest number of varieties. Intensive fruity aromas and savours.

Casa Montes Ampakama Intenso

Casa Montes Don Baltazar Reserve

The name of this line, Baltazar, is chosen according to the second first name of the owner of this winery, Francisco Baltazar. Grape harvest during cold night hours boosts the intensity of aromas and colours of these wines. Excellent result with personality is achieved with passion and patience.

Casa Montes Alzamora Grand Reserve

Alzamora is the biggest line of this winery. These wines mature in French oak barics for 12 months in order to achieve harmony and elegance. You will find the result in the colour, aromas and savours of these beautiful wines: fruity, round, complex, lush. It is a delight for taste buds. The meaning of the name Alzamora is the second surname of the owner, Francisco Baltazar - Montes Alzamora.

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